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Introduction: Crepuscolo, meaning ‘twilight’. It makes the ideal Instagram hashtag to describe that perfect shot of the golden or blue hour. Crepuscolo is a traditional high-quality brand with experience in the import and export of long-lived Italian bakery products. The objective of the company’s brand design is to highlight its elegant aesthetic and product quality by creating a product that seems that it has always been. Crepuscolo is nostalgic, elegant, and current.

Brief: This design features the use of packaging, mockup design, web, and advertisement. This design features the use of expressive elements. The files that will be created are PDF’s. The programs that will be used are photoshop, illustrator, InDesign, dimension. 

port 3  layout44.jpg
port 3  layout_Page_46.jpg
port 3  layout_Page_45.jpg
port 3  layout_Page_45.jpg
port 3  layout_Page_47.jpg
port 3  layout_Page_48.jpg
port 3  layout_Page_50.jpg
port 3  layout49.jpg
port 3  layout_Page_51.jpg
port 3  layout52.jpg
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