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Designer responsibilities 

The Graphic Design work included performing design and photo editing work for the images PicDiversity provides to teachers as well as create promotional graphics for the company. Specifically, responsibilities include:

  • Organize and maintain high-resolution image library

  • Utilize Photoshop to warp and digitally image vector designs onto existing product photography

  • Create composites in Photoshop to use in library of imagery for teachers

  • Effectively manage time to meet required deadlines

  • Weekly phone conference to provide progress reports to the team

  • Work with marketing team to create promotional graphics for campaigns

  • Create email blasts, social media icons, and branded collateral. 

email blast 6.jpg


I had the opportunity to create a design manual. I showed the ability to create a guide and was tasked to make icons for their Instagram page. The brand standards set for the typography used throughout the use of their Instagram was implemented by my brand guide. 

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